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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Getting it Together the Old-Fashioned Way

As this year's wonderfully chaotic Camp Grandma wound down, I developed a keen desire to get it together, at least on paper, by setting some goals for this fall and beyond. Call me old fashioned, but I like to make a list with a real pen on real paper, preferably encased in a pretty little zipper binder.

I'm of two minds about smartphones. Mine is highly valued for its ability to connect with a friend or search the internet. On the other hand, where list making or calendar filling is concerned, I wonder whether a blackberry is best showcased in a cobbler or preserves.

A few of my goals as summer gives way to fall:

- Write a coherent post to summarize our camp experience.
- Regain consistency in studying the Word.
- Plan an autumn getaway with the hubs.
- Finish decorating our bedroom and bath. This has dragged on way too long!
- Design a square foot garden for 2011.

I might not accomplish everything on the list, but having written goals is a great help to this dinosaur.

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