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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Raspberry Hill

Welcome! I'm so glad you stopped by. I thought you might like to see how this blog got its name. Many wild raspberry bushes border our little patch of land. (In addition, a humongous wild raspberry tree popped up across the driveway last summer. A former city dweller, I hadn't a clue--raspberries grow on trees, too!) We live on a hill as well, great for riding mowers (not!) and grandkid sledding parties.

I share a cottage in the woods with my husband of 32 years and our lab mix rescue dog, Sheba--affectionately known as "Sheebs." They are both worth looking at but camera shy today.

Between the hubs and I, we have three grown, "married-with-children" kids--two boys and a girl--and nine grandchildren. The boys live closeby, but the girl is a ten-hour drive from here--or nine and a half, depending on how long it's been since we've seen her and her family. All of these dear ones just might appear in future posts.

Please stop by anytime for some wild raspberry bread and good conversation. I'm looking forward to your visit!


  1. Hi Rhetta, I am honored to be your first follower! Excited to see what may press on you heart to share with us all. Love you, Vonnie

  2. Thank you, Vonnie! Please have some cyber-bread and tea.


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