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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Deck the...Deck

Awhile before we were married 33 years ago, a girlfriend and I planned to strike out on our own, um...together, and rent an apartment. That fell through when she met someone, became engaged within two weeks, and set off to marry her prince. I was a young thing in my parents' eyes, and they didn't want me living alone, so that was the end of that. Meanwhile I'd purchased a little bistro patio set at Englander's. But in all of her pale yellow splendor, Miss Bistro ended up in my parents' basement for another few years.

Fast forward to married life, when she came out of hiding and adorned a deck (first home), a paver patio (second home), and another deck (present home). She's gone from yellow to black, and recently to Heirloom White. What was I thinking, covering her original yellow cushions with ugly green vinyl?

Ah, that's better; a retro oilcloth print!

Miss Bistro has held up well over the years. With a fresh coat of paint and newly covered cushions, she's still going strong, and prettier than ever.


  1. Love this painted white! And I love the fabric choice. It's a beautiful set!

  2. Thanks, Georgia, very much! Appreciate your stopping by.


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