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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Brighten the Corner*

Here's a small project I can lay claim to. We were given three chairs and a table just for clearing them out of a family member's basement. Here's one of the chairs before.

And after.

After sanding, priming, painting, re-sanding--wet this time--and re-painting. Paint on the seat bubbled up the first time. Either I hadn't sufficiently sanded, or the primer and paint were incompatible. Still learning.

So now, this cheery red chair brightens a corner of the deck. For more brightness, there happened to be some wildflowers growing among the weeds down the hill.

*In my youth, I sang alto in church with a girls' trio--creatively called The Girls' Trio. I'm pretty sure we weren't that good; bless the hearts of the folks who patiently listened to and encouraged us! 'Brighten the Corner' was one of 'our' songs. We loved to sing the last phrase:

Brighten the corner
Where (soprano)
Where (second soprano)
Where (alto)
You (and so on)
Are! (three-part harmony)


  1. Looks like the chairs I just redid! Looks really nice on your porch and the color choice is nice...I am taking it that you like reds? Can't wait to see more!

  2. Thanks, Stacey. Red seems to be my new favorite accent color. Thinking about painting a deck flower pot turquoise bc of your picnic table color combo. Love that!


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