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Monday, August 20, 2012


I was nominated by Stacey of Embracing Change for The Sunshine Award! I'm honored. Thank you, Stacey.

Now for this award, I am to answer 10 questions about myself, so here goes:

1) Favorite color?
Blue, any shade
2) Favorite animal?
Dog, hands (or paws) down, especially our sweet lab mix, Sheba
3) Favorite number?
4) Favorite Drink?
A nice, hot cafe mocha from just about any coffee shop, with the cold version running a close second
5) Facebook or Twitter?
6) Good Book or Good Movie?
Book, although I only read at bedtime or on a long trip
7) My passion?
God's Word, my family, sewing and creating in general
8) Giving or getting gifts?
9) Favorite day?
10) Favorite flower?
Lilac, as well any wildflower that grows on our hill

Now the rules for the Sunshine Award are:
1) Thank the person who took time out to give you the award - and link back to them.
2) Answer the 10 questions about yourself.
3) Forward this award on to 10 other bloggers - and let them know you have done so! (Sorry, until yesterday my blogging activity was sadly neglected, so I couldn't come up with 10 gals I felt I knew, or would know me, well enough.)
4) Copy and paste the award onto your site.

I am choosing the following gals and their blogs for their inspiring, encouraging posts. Their entries bring sunshine to my day. My nominations for The Sunshine Award are:

Tina of Hands On Home Arts
Georgia of More Like Home
Kristine of The Thomas Family Chronicles

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