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Monday, October 25, 2010

Finally Back

It's good to be back. I missed you!

Please forgive my prolonged absence. Last spring, the Lord called me to a step of faith--to commit a considerable amount of time and energy to in-depth study of God's Word and facilitation of weekly core group discussions for our local Community Bible Study. Following some intense training, I began serving last month. This is a humbling experience, bringing a degree of painful growth as it lies quite a distance from my comfort zone. I'm thankful for God's mercy, love, and patience as I inch uphill toward, I pray, maturity in Him.

Mums Revisited
My experimentation with mums was a success. Here's a photo of the sweet yellow blooms that brightened our deck with the approach of autumn weather.

Cute Cupcake Wrappers
To dress up some carrot cupcakes for a clergy appreciation dinner, I found some darling brown tulip baking cups here. Just place the wrappers in your muffin tin, turn batter into the wrappers, and bake! I used a simple piping tool to add the cream cheese frosting without getting it on the wrappers. If interested, you might want to shop around; after ordering these, I found them at better prices elsewhere online.

A couple of other projects--a small, painted chest and a writing desk with an antique sewing machine base, both for our bedroom--were completed during my time away from blogging. I hope to share them with you here, very soon.



  1. Rhetta, I'm so glad to have you back! I certainly understand how it goes... I've been in the midst of a busy season myself. But, how thankful I am that God's grace is indeed sufficient for us! I'll be praying for you that your study goes well, and I'm looking forward to more updates. : )

  2. Thank you, Melissa, very much.


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