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Monday, July 5, 2010

Experimenting with Mums

My sweet mom was a gardener. She knew what she was doing with her soil and seeds and succulents. (Succulents? I needed something garden-related starting with the letter "s" there. Truth is, I don't recall any cacti growing in our Michigan backyard. Sunflowers, maybe?) We often found her happily weeding and feeding until almost dark. When company came--and Mom loved to extend hospitality--a garden tour was customary. Anyone else remember that practice, back in the day? An evening with friends wasn't complete until all the ladies went outside to look at one's flower bed(s). Mom's peace rose was her pride and joy.

Unfortunately, I didn't inherit the gardening gene; hence this experiment with mum clippings, true to my trial-and-error planting style. Remember the bumper sticker that proclaimed, "Don't Follow Me, I'm Lost?" It applies here. I think I read somewhere that it's possible to root new mums by pinching back an established plant, then transplanting the pinched-off portions into pots with potting soil and root stimulator, placing them out of direct sunlight, and misting as needed. So here we are--some random mum clippings, a little treated soil, and optimistic me. I'll keep you "posted." Meanwhile, I would welcome your gardening advice with open gloves.


  1. Rhetta, you should be good to go with those mums. They are truly easy to grow, and come back year after year, even in harsh conditions. I love mums! They are one of my favorite fall flowers. : ) Melissa

  2. Thanks so much, Melissa. The climate here in Michigan is hard on mums, but the one plant that survived--from which the clippings came--was planted closer to the house, so I will follow suit with the others.


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