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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Preparing for Camp

It's almost time for Camp Grandma, an annual summer event around here, and I'm having a ridiculous amount of fun with the preparations:

Acquire garage sale tents for indoor play - check (Sheba can't wait!)
Store a nutritious baked treat in the freezer - check
Determine site for real campout in RV this year - check
Arrange for outdoor photo shoot - check

To do:
Make--or purchase--pj's for little campers
Shop for bubble machine
Head east for two beautiful grandchildren
Keep them entertained on long drive back
Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

There's been some talk of holding the babies for ransom. Maybe, despite their crazy summer ministry schedule, Mommy and Daddy will be able to carve out a few days to come our way at camp's end. If not, we will reluctantly transport our happy campers back home, smothering them with hugs and kisses to last until the next adventure.


  1. I LOVE the tents Rhetta! I have a pattern similar to these in my collection, but I haven't braved it yet. Seems like an AWFUL LOT of fabric and seems... ; ) And I'm ashamed to say that I even purchased the necessary fabric at the time I purchased the fabric. SHAMEFUL. I better get a move on, lest my baby girl outgrow the tent! Have fun with your sweet babes. : ) Melissa

  2. Melissa, I purchased a pattern awhile ago too, but when I saw these garage sale tents already made--one for each grandchild, no less--I just couldn't resist. I'm sure your baby girl will love hers when completed. (For me, the hardest part of a project is getting started.)


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