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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Melissa's Deelish, Nutrish Banana Bread

Before the midday heat arrived, I baked this wonderful banana bread using three "dead bananas" that I'd stored in the freezer for just such an occasion. I love the plentiful size and appearance of Melissa's tube-pan version, but since there are only two mouths to feed around here--not counting Sheba's--I decided to split my batter between two loaf pans. I sprinkled some pecans--spritzed with baking spray to avoid burning--on one loaf for me and the hubs to enjoy right away. The other loaf--sans nuts in or on the batter--was wrapped, still warm, and whisked to the chest freezer in anticipation of Camp Grandma* later this month. What little palate could refuse a slice of homemade "naner bread," as I used to call it with my own girl?

While you're checking out Melissa's awesome recipe, I suggest you explore her sweet Alabama homestead. It's full of delightful surprises.

*Camp Grandma is an annual event on Raspberry Hill. Stay tuned.

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  1. Rhetta, I'm so glad you made the bread! There's few things I enjoy more than fresh baked goods. I love this recipe because it isn't overly sweet. The flavor of the bananas comes through nicely and not much sugar is needed. I've seen recipes where one banana is used... and to that I say - what is the point?! I want to TASTE my naners, thank you very much. I appreciate you sharing my recipe on your blog! Your loaves turned out lovely. I especially like the one topped with pecans. God's Peace, Melissa


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