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Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Love Affair with Heirloom White

Buying new accessories for our home does not appeal to me as much as restoring the old. Maybe my attitude is fueled by the green movement, by empathy--after all, I don't want to be tossed out because of my ever-increasing imperfections--or by frugality. Most likely it's all of the above.

Enter Heirloom White, my new best friend. Back in the 80's the hubs gave me a cute country pine clock. A few coats of rich, creamy white extended its life and gave our wannabe cottage-style bedroom a touch of charm.

Next up, a couple of old mixed metal-blotched frames, now Heirloom White, display two IKEA note cards I've had for a few years, creating another bedroom wall brightener.

A dated oval print framed in dark pine became a chalkboard adorning the small space just off the kitchen. (I had my doubts, but a few coats of chalkboard spray paint did indeed transform the print into a message board!)

And now for a work in progress--an old pine chest to paint and place under the bedroom clock, next to a comfy chair and basket of books. I'm mulling over the idea of stenciling a monogram onto the front panel. By the way, I'm not a great painter. Thank goodness my HW spray paint is so forgiving.

Ain't love grand!

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  1. What a fabulous paint color! Love it! I'm not very good with paint myself, but I envy those who are. Love what you've done! Painting is definitely the most bang for your buck in home decor. : ) Melissa


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